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    Sound City Sessions - Watch Live Streaming!
    Some of the most exciting acts playing at this weekend's Sound City music festival in Liverpool, England, will be picking up Eastwood guitars for some intimate, exclusive live sessions. Eastwood Guitars and the Baltic Triangle media team have linked up to...
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    Back to Nashville: the Custom Shop NSH-12
    We're bringing back our top-of-the-range twelve-string semi-acoustic guitar: the Nashville 12, now a Custom Shop model, renamed the Eastwood NSH-12. Eastwood fans are well-supplied with 12-string guitars. But there was one gap that many of them felt was missing - our...
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    The Eastwood Stormbird is back!
    One of our most popular guitars EVER, the Eastwood Stormbird is finally back! Over the years, the Eastwood Stormbird has become one of our most popular guitars, ever - and that started after it was discontinued! For this reason, we've been hearing...
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