Back to Nashville: the Custom Shop NSH-12

    Back to Nashville: the Custom Shop NSH-12

    We're bringing back our top-of-the-range twelve-string semi-acoustic guitar: the Nashville 12, now a Custom Shop model, renamed the Eastwood NSH-12.

    Eastwood NSH-12

    Eastwood fans are well-supplied with 12-string guitars. But there was one gap that many of them felt was missing - our Nashville 12! This was another short-lived model that became more popular after it was discontinued, and many of you have been asking us to bring it back.

    It's now available to Pre-Order via our Custom Shop website, as the Eastwood NSH-12.

    Users of the original model include legendary Irish punk band The Undertones, and Peter Buck from R.E.M.

    Peter Buck with Eastwood Nashville 12

    What's new with the NSH-12?

    Though superficially similar to our Classic 12 guitar, the NSH-12 has a different body shape and is a hollowbody guitar, rather than semi-hollow. It also has a pair of mini-humbuckers and upgraded hardware.

    This time around, we're also offering a brand new color finish, previously unavailable on the original Nashville 12 - Fireburst & Gold.

    Eastwood NSH-12 in Fireburst & Gold

    Watch demo:



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    • Bruce Birch

      Is the Eastwood NSH 12 still available. I can find only one anywhere online and it is wine red not fireburst. I clicked on the “Pre-order Eastwood NSH-12” and it came up “page not found”. I’m interested but need to know if this guitar is still available.

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