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    Eastwood’s Mando Famiglia
    Eastwood is a guitar company. Mostly. Yes, the company’s full name is “Eastwood Guitars.” Yes, the bulk of Eastwood instruments are guitars, but over the years, starting with the Mandocaster, Eastwood has built an impressive lineup of electric instruments in the mandolin family
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    Eastwood Staff Gear of the Year 2022
    Here at Eastwood we're all about guitars - we're fans, musicians and collectors, just like you. So it's time to meet some of our team and find out what gear rocked our world in 2022! Mike L. (Bronco) Favourite Gear...
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    MyRareGuitars: Precursor to the Eastwood of Today
    General guitar fans who have combed the internet for forums, blogs, and general guitar info may be familiar with the name “MyRareGuitars.” Robinson started the site in the “wild west” early days of the internet, in 1997, as a landing spot for blog posts, shared photos of his personal vintage guitar collection, and discussion from around the world about under-appreciated guitars of the past. 
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