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The Airline Jupiter TT is one of Eastwood's newest models, and it falls perfectly within the Venn diagram of original and classic. Here, we've done something that we've never done before: take the best features of two classic models, and birth an original that's nostalgic, yet never before seen.
The S-style tremolo was one of the greatest guitar innovations of the electric guitar's 1950s golden age. Like all good things, though, it does require a bit of maintenance. In this video, Linc walks us through the process of adjusting the tremolo tension for preferred sensitivity and tuning stability. 
We often get the question: "how do I change my guitar strings?" 
To help answer that question to the best of our ability, Eastwood's Lincoln Smith put together this video to walk through the steps and make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Looking for a guitar that can switch between electric and acoustic guitar tones in a pinch? Join Lincoln Smith as he plays the Colin Newman Map through a Fishman Loudbox acoustic amp, and emulates acoustic tones for both fingerpicking and strumming applications.