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    Introducing the Eastwood Black Box Pedal Series
    These true bypass stomp boxes are built like tanks to hold up to use and abuse, but sport more budget-accessible price tags, ranging from $129 - $149 USD (£115 - 135 GBP).
    Introducing, a wide palette for emulation and experimentation alike: the Eastwood Black Box Series of Pedals.
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    Creativity Treasure Trove: The MRG Studio Series

    Today’s guitarists are branching out more than ever when it comes to experimentation in tone and style. And why wouldn’t they with a universe of pedal effects, amps, and influences at their fingertips? While all of these things surrounding the instrument provide creative liberty for players, Eastwood prefers to start at the source – the instrument. The Eastwood MRG Studio Series aims to provide a wide range of instrument types that are studio quality at an affordable price point.

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