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Take a load off, and enjoy an enlightening conversation between Dianna Errico and Eastwood's Lincoln Smith about the electric lap steel, Eastwood's lap steel models, and Dianna's journey learning the instrument.

The pickup is the true heart of an electric guitar. Without it, it would be – well – not an electric guitar at all. Its invention and first application in the 1930s opened the door for a new category of instruments, but its true Renaissance came in the 1960s: the decade of pickup innovation diaspora.

The Airline brand has always personified mystique of Americana mid-20th century designs. In this new millennium, Eastwood has taken up the torch and introduced a new level of craftsmanship and reliability to the timeless style of Airline. In this article, we'll take you though the 3 major phases of Airline's existence.
It may look strange to a standard guitar player, but there's a whole world of music to be discovered in a lap steel guitar. In this guide, you'll learn a bit about the instrument, its many variants and uses, and its important place in electric guitar history

The Rivolta Combinata Bass VII is the first bass to join the Rivolta by Novo Guitars range. This is another popular Dennis Fano creation, already picking up rave reviews.