Demystifying Guitcoin Rewards

    By Lincoln Smith

    If you’ve heard of Guitcoin before, you’re likely a return customer of Eastwood, follow us on Facebook or Instagram, a member of our Reddit fan group, or on our email mailing list.
    If you've purchased from Eastwood in the past, then oh boy, do I have good news for you:
    You already have Guitcoins waiting for you!

    “What is Guitcoin?” “What does it get me, and how can I use it?”
    These are all questions that we will answer for you today, so read on!

    What is Guitcoin?

    Perhaps the most important aspect of the Guitcoin Rewards program is that it is absolutely free to join and benefit from. 

    Guitcoin is a reward currency that you can trade in for discounts on future purchases. Think of a Guitcoin as a ticket you might win at a local arcade. You have fun earning them, and you have even more fun redeeming them!

    How do I earn Guitcoin?

    You earn Guitcoin in a number of ways. The most common is by making a purchase on the Eastwood site. For every $1 USD spent, you earn 2 Guitcoin. 

    You can also earn Guitcoin by opting to receive regular Eastwood news. I would call that a win-win!

    By creating an Eastwood Account on the Eastwood site, you’ll earn 500 Guitcoin and be signed up for the Eastwood Email Newsletter, which you can opt out of at any time (although we don't recommend opting out, because our newsletter are awesome).

    If you choose to like “Eastwood & Airline Guitars” on Facebook, or to follow @eastwoodguitars on Instagram, you’ll earn 75 Guitcoin for each of these actions.

    How do I spend my Guitcoin?

    There are three ways of redeeming your Guitcoin balance. 

    1. You can apply your balance to an instrument purchase to take $1 off per 50 Guitcoin. This is capped at a maximum expenditure of 12,500 Guitcoin per purchase.
    2. You can redeem 5000 Guitcoin to instantly take 20% off of any order.
    3. If you earn 8000 Guitcoin, you can redeem this amount to discount your order by 30%.

    These discounts are limited to full-price items. They will not apply in combination with coupons or to any listings that have been price-reduced already.

    * * *
    I hope we’ve dispelled any mystery surrounding Guitcoin and its benefits.
    If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Eastwood team by emailing