Warren Ellis Octave Mando
    Warren Ellis Octave Mando
    Warren Ellis Octave Mando
    Warren Ellis Octave Mando
    Warren Ellis Octave Mando
    Warren Ellis Octave Mando

    Warren Ellis Octave Mando

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    *NOTE* Images are renderings, shown only as a reference for our intended design.

    Following up on the success of our popular eight-string instruments comes this new challenger to the ring: The Warren Ellis Octave Mando!

    It's easy to think of an Octave Mando as an expansion to a standard mandolin (heck, it's in the name...), but for this release we really wanted it to feel like an expansion to the Warren Ellis Tenor 2P. After all, this model will feature the same 23" scale length, the same materials, and the same electronic layout as its four-string counterpart. 

    What's the difference then, you ask? Chime!

    Think of it as how a 12-string guitar is to a 6-string. The Warren Ellis Octave Mando will feature eight strings in total, with each pair tuned an octave apart (except for the E's which will be tuned in unison). All the familiarity from the standard tenor, but with a fuller and more shimmering sound. 

      Features & Specs
      • Body: Solid Alder
      • Pickups: Warren Ellis Blade, Warren Ellis Mini Humbucker
      • Switching: Individual on-off
      • Controls: 1 Volume, 1 Tone
      • Bridge: Fully adjustable Tele-Style bridge
      • Neck: Maple, Bolt-on
      • Fingerboard: Rosewood, Dot Markers 
      • Scale Length: 23"
      • Width at the Nut: 1 5/16"
      • Hardware: Kluson Style Nickel/Chrome
      • Strings: 26/46, 18/34, 09/24, 10/10 tuned gG, dD, aA, ee.
      • Average Weight: 6.0 lbs(More Info on Weight)
      • Unique Features: Warren Ellis Signature Design
      Case Fit

      Eastwood Premium Soft Case: (Standard Guitar) - Optional Add-On


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