Eastwood Mando 5 Sunburst
    Eastwood Mando 5 Sunburst
    Eastwood Mando 5 Sunburst
    Eastwood Mando 5 Sunburst
    Eastwood Mando 5 Sunburst
    Eastwood Mando 5 Sunburst

    Eastwood Mando 5

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    Often referred to as the "Mozart" of Classical Indian Music, Uppalapu Srinivas was a mandolin player like no other. Through a combination of his unprecedented skills and modification of a traditional mandolin, he simultaneously brought a new wave of sounds and inspiration to both the western world and his home country, India.

    If you're not familiar with his work, just listen to his collab album with Michael Brook here, or this live performance with John McLaughlin... you'll be blown away!

    A large part of what made these sounds possible is the mandolin that he himself modified. Originally a traditional electric 8-string, Srinivas' customization turned the instrument into a 5 string tuned CGCGC, which better suits the musical ornamentations often heard in Carnatic music. 

    As massive fans of Srinivas ourselves, we've always thought an affordable, quality tribute to this instrument is well overdue. So here it is, the Eastwood Mando 5!

    This version has been specced to resemble the original used by Srinivas, with a few modern tweaks. It features only 5 tuning pegs, and a custom bridge plate with 5 fully-adjustable saddles. Equipped with one of our Warren Ellis Blade Singe Coil pickups, this Mando sports a clear and articulate tone that will be consistent no matter what you throw at it.

    Features & Specs
    • Body: Solid Alder
    • Pickups: Warren Ellis Blade SC
    • Switching: N/A
    • Controls: 1 Volume 1 Tone
    • Bridge: Fully adjustable, S-Style
    • Neck: Set Maple
    • Fingerboard: Rosewood, Dot Markers
    • Scale Length: 13 3/4"
    • Width at the Nut: 1 5/16"
    • Hardware: Gotoh style Style Nickel/Chrome
    • Tuning: CGCGC
    • String Gauges: 0.050 / 0.038 / 0.025 / 0.014 / 0.010
    • Average Weight: 4.5 lbs (More Info on Weight)
    Demo Video
    Case Fit

    Custom Gig Bag INCLUDED! 


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