WATCH: White Stripes' White Blood Cells Documentary

    It's never a bad time to remember The White Stripes - after all, for many of us, they were a total game changer - and White Blood Cells was the album that did it!

    The White Stripes - White Blood Cells

    Back in 2001, rock'n'roll was, once again, at another low point. It took The Strokes and, most importantly, The White Stripes the task to revive it once more. 

    Jack and Meg White showed everyone how exciting rock'n'roll could be: dirty, raw, analogue, simple. White Blood Cells was The White Stripes breakthrough album, and it was thanks to its success that many people first heard of Airline guitars. Today, our Airline 59 2P remains one of our most popular models... no prizes for guessing why!

    Airline 59 2P

    Feeling a bit like Jack White yet? The Airline 59 2P

    A mini documentary by Picthfork about the making of White Blood Cells is a must-watch! And what's better - it only lasts 3 minutes, so you got no excuse, really... enjoy!

    Airline 59 2P Info


    • Greg Hopkins

      No one can doubt Jack White is one of the best musicians of our time and will go down in history as one of the best of All time. When you see Jack siding up to Jimmy Page and the Edge you know this guy is Big. Thank God he came along when he did, he set new trends and standards for rock and roll that were well needed, along with Meg they are real musicians playing it from the heart and F#@! what people think. If you like it great if you don’t, don’t listen.
      I’m an oldie and felt the same magic when I first heard Jack and Meg as I did when I was 13 years old and first heard Kiss, then in the 80’s Metallica, then the early 90’s Nirvana, then in the late 90’s The White Strips came to me. Yes this is my music, the music of my time. Hail Hail Rock and Roll, Jack is the King,,,,, long live the King.

    • Joseph

      Meg is too hot.

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