Top 6 Quirky Guitars You Need To Know About...

    There's more to guitar playing than choosing between electric or acoustic, 6- or 12-strings... here's a look at different types of guitars that most guitarists don't have in their collections yet - but they should!

    6 Quirky Guitars

    Most guitarists gravitate towards what is in fact a very narrow choice of guitars: usually choosing acoustic or electric guitar; solid-body or semi-acoustic; 6- or 12-strings... and that's pretty much it. 

    However, here at Eastwood Guitars we offer a much wider range of options - quirky, different types of guitars that could - should - be part of every guitarist's arsenal. Instruments that can make you play differently, that can inspire you, that can challenge you, and even spark a new passion for playing.

    If you thought you've seen it all before, or that your collection was "complete" (well, we know it never is, is it?) then check these six models. You might just find your new favourite instrument...

    1) Warren Ellis Mandocello

    Warren Ellis Mandocello

    What is a mandocello? It's a guitar tuned like a mandolin (Cc Gg dd aa) but larger - like a cello is compared to a violin. If you're not quite sure a tiny, high-pitched mandolin is quite the right instrument for you, then the Mandocello will feel more familiar due to its size. This is a very interesting and inspiring instrument to play, perfect for guitarists who want to explore new sounds and maybe get some Led Zep III-style folk-rock vibes going... VIEW INFO

    2) Eastwood Tenorcaster

     Eastwood Tenorcaster

    The Eastwood Tenorcaster is the perfect tenor guitar for rock'n'roll guitarists who never played a tenor. Just think of it as a 4-string, short-scale guitar... and you can even tune it to Open G tuning, Keith Richards-style, ignoring the bottom D (which Keef didn't use, after all) and top D, thus tuning your Tenorcaster to GDGB. VIEW INFO

    3) Eastwood Mandola

    Eastwood Mandola

    The Eastwood Mandola is our Cosey-style Electric Mandolin. A beautiful instrument for those looking for a more traditional-looking mandolin featuring a 18" scale length. A worthy addition to anyone's collection, for sure! VIEW INFO

    4) Warren Ellis Mandostang

    Warren Ellis Mandostang

    The Warren Ellis Mandostang is also an electric mandolin, but featuring only 4-strings on a 14" scale. This is a fun instrument to play and a good intro to electric mandolins. VIEW INFO

    5) Eastwood Mandocaster 12

    Eastwood Mandocaster 12

    The Mandocaster 12 is an interesting addition to our range of electric mandolins. This is basically an Octave Guitar, tuned the same as any standard guitar, E-E, but an octave higher. It's like putting a capo on the 12th fret of your 12-string guitar, but with a longer, more manageable scale length. A perfect addition to your studio! VIEW INFO

    6) Eastwood Ricky Lap Steel

    Ricky Lap Steel

    If blues is your thing, you simply need to have a lap steel guitar in your life! And our latest model, the Ricky Lap Steel, is a truly stunning choice! This model was a Custom Shop success this year and is now in stock. VIEW INFO

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