Nick Valensi Plays Rivolta Combinata with The Strokes

    The Strokes guitarist Nick Valensi debuted his new Rivolta Combinata at a recent festival date in Ireland. Check out the pics.

    The Strokes live at Electric Picnic 

    By all accounts, The Strokes stormed through their first Irish date in years, at the Electric Picnic festival on Saturday, 31st August.

    The band played a selection of tracks from their classic Is This It? debut album, as well as a selection of the best off their other records.

    We were pleased to find out guitarist Nick Valensi chose to play a Rivolta Combinata VII in Acero Glow for this gig - previously, he'd played a Combinata VII in Autunno Burst with his other band, CRX.

    Here's a selection of some pics from the gig:

    Nick Valensi and his Combinata

    nick Valensi and the Combinata

    The Strokes at Electric Picnic festival

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    • Rod Welles

      Glad to see that Nick from The Strokes is playing a Combinata 😀😀 He has good taste!
      Absolutely great guitars! I love mine😀😀

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