Jupiter TT: A New Lease on Two Classic Models

    by Lincoln Smith

    Eastwood has never been afraid to push the limits of our offered models. We've tackled everything from original designs to reproductions of rare classics. Eastwood's Airline brand is uniquely committed to models that ooze the '50s and '60s mojo of models sometimes considered by collectors to be American Pawn Shop classics.

    Photo: Jupiter TT Pro in Black

    The Airline Jupiter TT is one of Eastwood's newest models, and it falls perfectly within the Venn diagram of original and classic. Here, we've done something that we've never done before: take the best features of two classic models, and birth an original that's nostalgic, yet never before seen.

    Let's start with the instrument's basic building blocks. The body and construction materials are based on our popular Airline Twin Tone. The Twin Tone, in turn, was based on the late '50s Supro Dual Tone, as made famous by the likes of Link Wray and later David Bowie. The basswood body, bolt-on maple neck, and slim headstock make for a lightweight instrument that's both striking as a bold single-cut and maneuverable. The Twin Tone has always proven that great tone doesn't shouldering a punishing weight.

    Photo: 1956 Supro Dual Tone

    While the Jupiter TT also shares the Twin Tone's celebrated Valco VVDC humbucker pickups, the rest of the model's layout and electronics come from another source that vintage guitar fans will recognize.

    The Harmony/Silvertone Stratotone Jupiter is a collector's item that's only getting harder to find. The weapon of choice for Canadian artist Bahamas and many others, the prices of the original Jupiter have been skyrocketing for the past 10+ years. 

    Photo: '59 Harmony 'Stratotone' Jupiter

    Eastwood previously produced a tribute to the late-'50s / early-'60s Jupiter in the form of our Airline Jupiter Pro. The winding row of tone and volume controls, plus a blend knob and "flipper" tone selector make the model true eye candy in any lineup of instruments. 

    For the Airline Jupiter TT, we've reintroduced this controls layout in stunning fashion, manufacturing the pickguard/control panel in a beautiful tortoise pattern. Combine the control options with the VVDC humbuckers and you have a seemingly endless rainbow of tones, ranging from a thick, mid-heavy neck position, to screaming classic lead tones in the bridge position.

    Photo: Airline's (now discontinued) Jupiter Pro Dallas Green Signature

    If you love vintage Supro and Harmony models (often produced under the "Airline" brand name), you'll know that fans often call them the "other white meat" of 1950s and '60s American-made guitars. The combination of two of the most popular models from these celebrated brands truly creates a tone that's brand new, yet undeniably classic.

    Video: Eastwood's Lincoln Smith takes a Closer Look at the new Airline Jupiter TT 

    If you're looking to find your own instrument with it's own sound and feel, but keep some of that Vintage American guitar legacy, this may be the model for you. It's perfectly suited for the professional playing in the studio on the stage. 

    AND if it's not the right fit, we understand. Sometimes you have to have an instrument in your hands before you know if you'll bond. For that reason, Eastwood has a 45-day Zero-Risk return policy. Get in touch for a prepaid return shipping label, and we'll help you find the instrument that exactly suits your style and your needs.

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