Meet the Dealer: Dockside Music, Canada

    Each week, we'll take a look at one of our worldwide dealers. For this first instalment, we'll stick closer to home: Dockside Music, music dealer in Nova Scotia, Canada.

    Dockside music

    Dockside Music are located in Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia, just outside Halifax, Canada.

    They're not called "Dockside" for nothing: those yellow boxes on the left of the photograph are lobster traps!

    The shop opened in the Fall of 2012 with the goal of bringing a better variety of guitars to their area, and Eastwood/Airline was one of the first brands they chose. 

    Eastwood guitars at Dockside Music

    Dave, from Dockside Music, says:

    "The cool guitars, positive reviews and tales of great customer service were what won us over. Product quality has been consistently great, too. Since then, we’ve been very pleased with the product and the Eastwood/Airline dealer service.

    "We, and our customers, love the variety of models and styles, and that Eastwood/Airline is a Canadian company."

    Mike visitin the shop.

    - by Ivan S.


    Dockside Music

    1517 Shore Road

    Eastern Passage

    Halifax Nova Scotia

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    • Igor

      Hi Guys. Which Eastwood models do you have in stock? No vibrato/trem please. I see a few MAP guitars in the photo. I’m after a basic model AC Classic or the Twin Tone, but prefer the zero fret models if possible. MAP standard would work as well with those Alnico Hot 10 HB. That’s the sound I’m after.

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