A Baritone Guitar is essential for any guitarist looking to spread their wings, but sometimes the longer scale length and heavier strings can make for a challenging flight. That's where the Z-GLIDE comes in.

    Invented by Dean Zelinsky (Founder of Dean Zelinsky Guitars), the revolutionary Z-Glide guitar neck is achieved by precisely engraving a carefully tested pattern into the back of the neck. Your hand only comes in contact with 30% of the neck... the rest is air! The result is an ultra fast neck with a consistent, silky-smooth feel.


    We've partnered with Dean Zelinsky to offer an exclusive run of only 12 Airline Map Baritones with Z-Glide Necks - these are the fastest baritone guitar necks on the planet!

    Reserve yours today with a $200USD deposit.

    I spend at least 3 hours a day playing my new guitar. Time seems to just float away while I am playing.The Z-glide neck is one of neatest most creative ideas I have ever seen.

    Still unlocking the library of tones but very impressed with its ease of play.I wondered about the Z-glide neck but no more. It is amazing.

    I usually wouldn't buy a guitar that I hadn't seen and played so I was reluctant to order until I started researching reviews.The Z Glide neck is genius and makes sliding up and down neck a breeze with very little friction.

    The neck feels great. If anyone is worried about the feel of the neck, I’ll tell you that it is cut enough to decrease friction but still feels comfortable.

    The Z-Glide neck has now become more than a gimmick, it should be a standard.