Valco KGB DIST JR
    Valco KGB DIST JR
    Valco KGB DIST JR
    Valco KGB DIST JR
    Valco KGB DIST JR

    Valco® KGB DIST JR.

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    The VALCO KGB DIST JR is a multi-function / tone-sculpting distortion machine, designed to work within a sound-creation chain or as a regular standalone distortion pedal (and everything in between!).

    See it.
    Hear it.


    Designed to work specifically with K (keys, synths), G (guitar), and B (bass), the KGB JR Series is a scaled-back version of our main KGB Series. Here, we've dropped the Blend Fader section for those who don’t need it and would rather have a smaller footprint.


    The Variable Input Impedance works best with passive instruments (guitar / bass) and allows tone-sculpting with or without the distortion circuit engaged. Lower settings yield softer dynamics / transients with a notable ‘rounded / vintage’ feel and tone. Higher settings give a sharper high frequency response with a more direct / aggressive transient feel and more perceived gain. This makes for a great ’shaping’ control, where you can tune the pedal for its best response to the pickups you are using and how you want them to react / feel.


    • Variable Input Impedance Selection
    • Multi-diode Distortion featuring independent ’Op-Amp,’ ‘LED’, ‘Silicon’ and ‘Germanium’ circuits.
    Impedance Selector - Changes the input impedance value, allowing you to change the tonality of the distortion, dry signal, or any other pedal down the line. Recreates lower impedance sounds of vintage pedals. Allows you to alter/tune the transient/dynamic response of your guitar and signal path.
    LINE/INST Switch - activates the Impedance Selector when set to ‘Inst’. In ‘Line’ position, impedance is fixed.
    DIST - Controls the amount of Distortion.
    FILTER -Controls the tone using a 1-pole Low Pass Filter. The lower the setting, the brighter the sound. Higher settings reduce high frequencies.
    OUTPUT - Controls the overall output volume of the Dist section/circuit. Increased output headroom so you’ll never go unheard!
    VOICE - Selects the distortion voice. See below for further details.
    Voice Selector
    OP - Op-Amp circuit where the distortion is generated by the LM308 itself entering clipping.
    LED - unique “soft-clipping” generated using back to back LEDs.
    Si - Silicon diode circuit using back to back silicon diodes.
    Ge - Germanium diode circuit using back to back Schottky diode.
    •1/4” Input.
    •Dry Out (permanent ‘thru’ dry signal (pre-imp selector)).
    •1/4’ Output.

    Power: The KGB DIST JR can be powered by a standard 9V center‐negative AC adapter or 9V battery.
    Dimensions: 7.09" length X 4.33" width X 3.43" height (180mm X 110mm X 87 mm)

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