The Eastwood Stormbird is back!

    The Eastwood Stormbird is back!

    One of our most popular guitars EVER, the Eastwood Stormbird is finally back!

    Eastwood Stormbird

    Over the years, the Eastwood Stormbird has become one of our most popular guitars, ever - and that started after it was discontinued! For this reason, we've been hearing a lot from customers asking for us to bring the Stormbird back.

    Well, we listened, and here it is - the Eastwood Custom Shop Stormbird:

    New Eastwood Stormbird

    Available in three classic Stormbird color finishes as well as Left-Handed, all Custom Shop Pre-Orders will come with a free gigbag included. So don't miss out the chance to be one of the first to own, order yours today!

    Watch Eastwood Stormbird demo:


    • Rory MacAoidh

      Still waiting for the return of Eastwood’s much missed flagship guitar, the Stormbird. Still no mention on the website as of Sept 14 2019, however — 17 months after announced return.

    • Josep

      Hello I’m from Valencia (Spain) I would know.if is available the stormbird guitar colour and if is posible the shipping to Spain and in that case how much is the price thank you.

    • Anton

      Any chances to order lefty in black? That would be nice diversity to Slidejack which is also in sunburst

    • Ralph

      I put my deposit down, waiting is killing me!

    • nm

      +1 for the non-reverse bass!

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