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    Eastwood Artist Roundup: June 2019
    Find out what some top Eastwood Artists have been up to this month - including a new band's Stadium debut, Warren Ellis podcast, and more! Above: Bang Bang Romeo played their first Stadium gigs this month... Eastwood is proud to be the...
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    Duke Robillard Announces New Tour Dates
    Blues legend and Eastwood artist with his own signature model, Duke Robillard has announced new tour dates for 2019 - don't miss the chance to catch him live. Duke Robillard is a founder member of the respected Roomful of Blues band, which has...
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    Meet the Artist: Duke Robillard Interview
    Duke Robillard is a true legend from the New England blues scene - and the latest artist to get his own signature Eastwood guitar: the Airline Twin Tone 'The Duke' Signature. Michael "Duke" Robillard is a respected blues guitarist and...
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