School of Rock: Eastwood at Lindblom

    We all know kids can rock, right? But first they need some instruments, of course! So when we learned that the Robert Lindblom Math and Science Academy needed help, we had to help!

    Robert Lindblom Math and Science Academy kids with Eastwood guitars

    The Robert Lindblom Math and Science Academy ( also simply known as "Lindblom") high school is located in the West Englewood neighborhood, on the south side of Chicago - where we have our U.S. warehouse. 

    The school did not have much of a budget for this year, due to the Chicago Public School system suffering from recent budget cuts. 

    When the school contacted us, we decided to put together a good bunch of stock that was sitting in our Chicago Warehouse, and donated them to the school because they really needed some guitars for their music program, but couldn't afford it.

    The Donald Trump administration’s new “America First” budget, released last March, slashed funds for the nation's Education Department by 13.5 percent - $9.2 billion. Clearly, many school projects around the country are feeling the results - and often, music and art-related projects inevitably suffer. This time, at least, Lindblom were able to find some help.

    They were lucky, too, for another reason: the school needed mainly lefty guitars for their program, and well, if you know anything about Eastwood, you know they knocked at the right door! The school were supplied with a pretty good selection that included Airline H44, some Sidejacks and Classic 4 bass.

    Teacher Carolyn Boudreau said:

    "Thank you so much...we will DEFINITELY put them to good use!"

    We hope so! After all, if there's one thing we've learned from watching too many Jack Black films, is that kids can rock, should rock, and will rock! So keep on rockin', kids!

    School of Rock