Rivolta Combinata Gets Glowing Premier Guitar Review

    Our first ever collaboration with master luthier Dennis Fano, the Rivolta Combinata, has finally hit the shops and the rave reviews have started to come, including from the prestigious Premier Guitar magazine...

    Dennis Fano is a name who needs no introduction, for those who are into boutique guitars. After the award-winning Fano Guitars (which is not associated with Dennis anymore) and the increasingly popular Novo Guitars, Rivolta was bound to be a success - and we're proud to be part of it!

    It's our first ever collaboration with Fano, and started as another Eastwood Custom Shop project, and though we were confident on its success, that's something that no one can predict for sure - we knew the guitars would be great, but would people embrace them as we hoped they would?

    Thankfully they did, and even though the Combinatas have only hit the shops recently, pros worldwide are already starting to pick them up, including Saturday Night Live's in-house guitarist Jared Scharff and Chris Traynor from top-selling British band Bush.

    Jared Scharff from the SNL band
                                                 Jared Scharff from the SNL band

    And, now, the reviews are also starting to come. We're pleased to say that the reception has been fantastic and Premier Guitar awarded it the "Premier Gear" accolade. Joe Gore, from Premier guitar, said: 

    "[The] Combinata isn’t strictly a clean machine. Even when tones are heavily overdriven, you still perceive that buoyant, airy quality. Chunky power chords are focused and sonorous, reinforced by more-than-ample sustain. We’re not talking metal-type tones... so much as ringing sonorities attractively aerated with lower-midrange nooks and crannies. The Combinata is a great power-pop guitar, though that description gives short shrift to the instrument’s versatility. It can cough up funky blues/roots/R&B colors, and even attractive jazz tones with the tone control pulled back."

    His final verdict was:

    "Rivolta Guitars is off to a splendid start with the Combinata. It’s a festive salad of Rickenbacker, Gibson, and Mosrite influences, vibrant and vibey in both sight and sound. The workmanship is excellent for its price range. Tones are attractive and effervescent at all control settings and gain levels."

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    Premier Guitar Rivolta Combinata Demo & Review:


    Can't wait to grab YOUR Combinata? We don't blame you...

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