New Rivolta Models: Mondata, Mondata Jr and Combinata Jr.

Eastwood Guitars is extremely proud and excited to introduce three new Rivolta models, designed by esteemed luthier Dennis Fano (of Fano Guitars and Novo Guitars fame): the Mondata, Mondata Jr. and Combinata Jr.

Rivolta Mondata

The new Rivolta models continue to bring Dennis' fabulous designs accessible to a wider audience.

The Mondata, Mondata Jr. and Combinata Jr. models come on the heels of last year's superb Rivolta Combinata, praised by players all over the world for its striking profile, crisp tones and smooth playability.

As with the Combinata, each new Rivolta model is designed personally by Dennis Fano. Dennis carefully oversees the research and development (R&D) at our Nashville facility, ensuring that Rivolta Guitars live up to the exacting standards that Dennis' guitars are known for.

Dennis Fano checking a Rivolta Combinata

Dennis Fano checking a Rivolta Combinata

The result? The Mondata, Mondata Jr. and Combinata Jr. will totally blow your mind!  From the bold retro-inspired look to the modern specs that today's players desire, these Fano-designed axes are ready to rip up the stage and rock your world. 

Rivolta Mondata: Firebird-style and super-versatile

Rivolta Mondata

The Rivolta Mondata mixes elements of the JM6 and Firebird, but looks and sounds entirely new and fresh.  The dual-switch configuration enables multiple pickup combinations, making the Mondata one of the most versatile guitars ever designed by Dennis.  Punchy and clear Firebird pickups -  perfectly-voiced mini-humbuckers that sound like fat single coils - deliver a tone that's never too bright or muddy, suiting any style.


The Mondata's gorgeous double-bound body and bound neck with vintage pearloid block inlays will make you swoon with pleasure. 

Mondata Jr. : Stripped-down Rock'n'Roller

Rivolta Mondata Jr.
The offset Rivolta Mondata Jr. is a stripped-down version of the Mondata, and features a simple two pickup, one selector design. Dig that Oceano Green finish, pure SoCal vibes... Surf's Up! 

Combinata Jr. : Stripped and ready to rip! 

Rivolta Combinata Jr.
The new Rivolta Combinata Jr. offers a new, simpler take on the much-loved Combinata design: no binding or inlays, just what's needed to get the job done.
This bare-bones version of the classic Combinata features a single "dog ear" P90, and harkens back to the original, revered Fano RB6. 


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