Meet the Eastwood Team - Patrick Sundlof

    Name :
    Patrick Sundlof

    Job Title :
    Eastwood Chicago Manager

    Where are you based :
    Chicago, Illinois, United States

    How long have you worked for Eastwood :
    9 years

    What’s the first guitar you ever bought (and, do you still have it) :
    Squire Bullet and no

    What’s your favorite gear now :
    1967 Rickenbacker Bantar Electric Banjo

    What are your favorite bands :
    Glad Rags, Radiohead,

    Share a fun fact about yourself :
    I fix and Repair Sitars, Veenas, and Tabla with my repair business Sundlof Musical Engineering

    Describe, in detail, your ideal morning beverage :
    Dark Roast Coffee with Cream