Meet the Eastwood Team - Mike Robinson

    Name :
    Michael Robinson

    Job Title :

    Where are you based :
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    How long have you worked for Eastwood :
    21 years!

    What’s the first guitar you ever bought (and, do you still have it) :
    First guitar was a Cherry Gibson SG Replica from Japan branded El Degas. I think I got it in 1974. Sold that a LONG time ago!

    What’s your favorite gear now :
    Fave guitar now is the Eastwood ETB500, love the slim neck profile. Fave pedal is the VALCO Bloodbuzz into my Magnatone Varsity Reverb. I'm also getting a lot of use out of my Moog Grandmother

    What are your favorite bands:
    So many...  the current touring lineup of Gang of Four (with David Pajo) is nailing it. For my fave music-while-I'm-working is a Biosphere Compilation. Recently released fave is Robert Forster, The Candle and the Flame as I've always been a fan of The Go-Betweens. Other bands in regular rotation in my head: Magazine, The Notwist, Orange Juice, XTC, Eric Bachmann, Lloyd Cole

    Share a fun fact about yourself:
    When not working hard on continuing to grow Eastwood Guitars, you'll find me playing golf 3-4 days a week. The rest of my time is spent being disappointed with the Toronto Maple Leafs. 

    Describe, in detail, your ideal morning beverage :
    I really like Lapsang Souchong Loose Leaf Smoky Tea. Discovered this when visiting a cousin in Brisbane AUS about 6 years ago. Not for everyone!