Meet the Dealer: Austin Guitar House

    Austin, Texas is one of the musical capitals of the world. So it's no wonder the city is home to some fantastic guitar shops, and Austin Guitar House is one of the best!

    With so many talented musicians and a vibrant music scene, Austin is one of "the" places to check live music. As you can imagine, there's a wealth of great music shops in the city, and we're pleased to say that one of the best - Austin Guitar House - is an Eastwood dealer which is now also stocking Rivolta guitars!

    Rivolta Guitars at Austin Guitar House

    Rivolta Guitars are, as you might be aware, our successful collaboration with renowned guitar builder Dennis Fano of Novo Guitars, and several top players are already using this model, including Nick Valensi from The Strokes, who has been using a Rivolta Combinata touring with his new band CRX.

    Now, Austin musicians can also find Rivolta guitars at Austin Guitar House... great, isn't it?

    Manager Brent Tenczar explains a bit more about the ethos of his shop, which has everything to do with what Austin is all about:

    "When you talk about Austin/TX, you talk about passion for the music. And we are addicted to music and gear. Inspired by this passion, Austin Guitar House was created to offer the best selection of high end / premium guitars, amps, effects and accessories. Carrying brands such as Two-Rock, Carr Amps, Carol-Ann Amps, Magnatone, Mesa Boogie, Suhr Guitars and Amps. Bartlett Guitars , Teye, Trussart, McPherson, National Resophonic and many more."

    Austin Guitar House

    If you live in or ever visit Austin, Texas, make sure to check Austin Guitar House!



    Address: 2206 West Anderson Lane, Austin, Texas 78757

    Tel: 512.243.6036