Introducing... the Tenorcaster

    Our range of tenor guitars keeps growing in popularity - and the new Tenorcaster may yet prove to become one of our biggest sellers!

    New Custom Shop Tenorcaster tenor guitars

    Even though tenor guitars where originally designed as (acoustic) guitar alternatives to tenor banjos in the 1920s, today they appeal to a much wider variety of players way beyond folk music, especially when it comes to electric guitar-style tenor guitars.

    One of the most notable players is, of course, Warren Ellis, who uses our Warren Ellis signature guitars. As Warren shows, tenor guitars can rock, and are also perfect for guitarists who like to experiment with different tunings.

    For these reasons, our range of tenor guitars have been continually expanding with new, familiar "rock'n'roll" guitar shapes - after all, sometimes 4-strings are all you need!!! 

    Here comes the Tenorcaster

    The new custom shop Tenorcaster is now crowdfunding on our Eastwood Customs site, and may yet become one of our most popular models. Why?

    Well, the Tenorcaster brings you not just the style but the bite and growl you'd expect from a great Tele-style guitar!  This mighty little tenor has a 23″ scale that works with standard tenor tuning (CGDA) and also octave mandolin tuning (GDAE). You can also set them up with standard electric guitar tuning.

    To make sure you'll be one of the first to own it, you can join our crowdfunding campaign and leave a deposit of just $150. Available in butterscotch blonde or black.

    Tenorcaster info