The Year In Review: Top 10 Hottest New Guitars of 2017

    A quick look at the hottest new guitars we've released in 2017 - did you get your hands on one of them, yet?

    Best guitars of 2017

    2017 was an incredibly busy year for us here at Eastwood Guitars, but it paid off. We've released more than 20 new models, a few of which instantly became some of our most popular models - including our groundbreaking collaboration with Dennis Fano, the Rivolta Guitars range.

    Here's a quick look at the Top 10 hottest new models we've released in 2017... did you grab yourself one of them?

    1) Airline 59 2PT

    Airline 2PT

    Mixing the familiar offset shape of the JB Hutto-style Airlines with Tele-style pickups proved to be a great move! The result - the Airline 2PT - feels like an instant classic, totally new, yet very familiar. VIEW MORE

    2) Eastwood Sidejack Pro DLX

    Sidejack Pro DLX

    The new Sidejack Pro DLX is the culmination of our 15 years of experience in building Mosrite-style guitars. They were never meant to be 100% faithful replicas - and striking the right balance between modern playability with Mosrite looks isn't an easy job! But this new Sidejack proves you can get a guitar that plays like something most of us are used to, but which perfectly captures the Mosrite Ventures vibe better than any other! VIEW MORE

    3) Rivolta Combinata

    Rivolta Combinata

    Anyone familiar with Dennis Fano will know he's synonymous with great quitars. And the new Rivolta Combinata, our first ever collaboration with Fano, is no different. This guitar is a revelation, and a true Fano guitar in every sense. It was hard to find someone who tried one and didn't fall immediately in love for it. Yeah, that good! VIEW MORE

    4) Rivolta Mondata

    Rivolta Mondata

    The Rivolta Mondata followed the Combinata a few months later - and made even more fans for Rivolta! This  could even be Dennis Fano masterpiece so far - offering tons of versatility thanks to its double switching system. VIEW MORE

    5) Classic AC

    Classic AC

    It was a sad coincidence that our Classic AC, somewhat inspired by Malcolm Young of AC/DC, came out a few months before his untimely passing. Our model wasn't meant to be a full-on replica of his favourite guitar, but it's a testament to him that even a vague resemblance with his guitar can instantly give away what our Classic AC is all about. Yes... for those about to rock, we salute you! VIEW MORE

    6) Bill Nelson Signature Astroluxe Cadet

    Bill Nelson Astroluxe Cadet

    To collaborate once with one of our favourite guitar legends is more than an honour, but to work with him twice is the stuff of our wildest dreams. And the fact that our second collaboration was the stunning Bill Nelson Astroluxe Cadet just makes it even more special. VIEW MORE

    7) Flying TV Tenor

    Flying TV tenor

    Few guitars - if any - caught our followers imagination as the Flying TV Tenor. Not that surprising, really. After all, a V-shape tenor guitar is a rarer sight than a Flying Saucer!!! Well, it was until now - the Flying TV was a huge Custom Shop success, and people are loving it. So will you... check it out! VIEW MORE

    8) Flying BV Bass

    Flying BV bass

    The Flying BV Bass was a very special project for us. Why? Because it was one of those cases when it came about because YOU players asked for it! When we posted pics of the Flying TV Tenor people saw those 4-strings and kept asking us... what about a Flying V bass? We heard the people... and the Flying BV was a huge success when it came out. VIEW MORE

    9) TB-64 6-String Bass

    TB-64 6-string bass

    Talking about bass guitars - another big hitter was this Teisco tribute model, the TB-64 6-String Bass. No wonder - there aren't that many great six-string basses out there... so you can thank us for correcting this! With its retro looks and great tone, the TB-64 is the  natural choice for anyone looking for a six string bass! VIEW MORE

    10) Backlund Model 400

    Backlund 400

    No new guitar design was wilder than the Backlund Model 400. This is John Backlund's retro-futuristic masterpiece, and what's more: there's no gimmick about it - at the end of the day, it's just a great guitar that feels and plays superbly. VIEW MORE

    What's coming in 2018?

    We've got a few surprises in store for 2018. But if you want to have an idea of what to expect, make sure to also check our Eastwood Custom Shop page, because we have a few projects that are definitely going into production soon!

    Of course - we're always happy to hear suggestion from our customers, so let us know which guitars were your favourites, and what new models you'd like us to bring out in 2018!