Eastwood Staff Picks: Best Guitars & Albums of 2020

    2020 was a strange year... but it was also the perfect time to stay at home playing guitar and listening to some good music. The Eastwood Guitars team picks their favourite albums and guitars of 2020.

    Michael Robinson (CEO)

    Favourite Guitar of the Year: Eastwood Tiger

    Eastwood Tiger

    "We've hit a new level in quality and craftsmanship with this one. A stunner... "

    Favourite Album of the Year: Bill Nelson, 'Transcorder

    Bill Nelson, Transcorder

    "It's a rarities compilation, just released Dec 2020. Fantastic collection (39 tracks) of 1980's 4 and 8 track home recordings from the legendary leader of Be Bop Deluxe. You don't have to be a hard core Bill Nelson fan to appreciate this collection, but doesn't hurt! Includes some cool PDF album artwork and sketches from that era."

    Carl Cook (Director of International)

    Favourite Guitar of the Year: Eastwood Wolf

    Wolf Guitar

    I"’ve never been a big Grateful Dead/Jerry Garcia fan or explored them that much (apart from inheriting the obligatory vinyl copy of American Beauty), so I came at the Wolf with a neutral mindset, and not knowing any Jerry Garcia riffs to play on it. I was blown away by it… I can’t think of a guitar I’ve played that’s as versatile, it has a huge amount of usable sounds, and I love the feel of it, especially the thru-neck, which was also knew to me I haven’t explored any GD albums though… maybe in 2021."

    Favourite Album of the Year:  Run The Jewels, RTJ4

    Run The Jewels, RTJ4

    "Boss, and essential in the world/time of Trump/Brexit."

    Vince Schalo (Web/Systems Manager)

    Favourite Guitar of the Year: Eastwood Mad Cat

    Eastwood Mad Cat

    "It's a workhorse! Reliable and versatile, with an incredible blues-funk flare."

    Favourite Album of the Year: The Pineapple Thief, 'Versions of the Truth'

    The Pineapple Thief - Versions of the Truth 

    "Melodic, melancholic, and minimalistic, it's an album that makes you think the whole way through. Gavin Harrison is an absolute machine behind the kit, as you'll hear in "Our Mire". This latest album is a solid addition to their catalogue; a career that now spans a couple of decades."

    Ivan Silva (Digital Content Manager)

    Favourite Guitar of the Year: Hooky Bass 6 PRO

    Hooky Bass 6 PRO

    "Easy to see why it was a best seller - as a Joy Division and New Order fan, it's such a pleasure to play a bass that perfectly replicates Peter Hook's original Shergold. It feels and sounds really, really good."

    Favourite Album of the Year: Michael Kiwanuka, 'Kiwanuka'


    "It was produced by Danger Mouse (Beck, The Black Keys, Gnarls Barkley) and it's a masterpiece - a modern, psychedelic soul album, awash with wah-wah & phaser guitars, lush strings, synths, gospel vocals and so much more. Musically visionary, but also reminded me of classic Curtis Mayfield - uplifting songs with deep, socially-conscious lyrics."

    Carrie Hayden (Artists Relations Manager)

    Favourite Guitar of the Year: Mad Cat LTD

    Mad Cat LTD

    "The Soon to be in existence Mad Cat LTD...no explanation needed...it's a total babe!"

    Favourite Album of the Year: Sault, Untitled (Black Is)

    Sault, Untitled (Black Is)

    "Lyrically incredible/relevant/necessary, haunting melodies, all the beats."

    Lincoln Smith (Clients Relations Manager)

    Favourite Guitar of the Year: Airline H44 STD

    Airline H44 STD

    "Based on an under appreciated American classic. It's got a deep vintage neck, and a color you can't take your eyes off of!"

    Favourite Album of the Year: The Fearless Flyers, 'Tailwinds' 

    The Fearless Flyers, 'Tailwinds'

    "A drum set, 3-piece horn section, guitar, baritone guitar, and bass. Each track recorded together in a live room with no headphones..."

    Patrick Sundlof (Eastwood Guitars Chicago, QC Tech)

    Favourite Guitar of the Year: EB-1 Bass

    eb-1 bass

    "It was made until 1958 when it was replaced first by the EB-2 and then by the EB-0. The Electric Bass was renamed the "EB-1" in 1958 (from 1953 to 1958 it was simply the Gibson Electric Bass), in order to separate it from the newly introduced EB-2."

    Favourite Album of the Year: Glad Rags, Wonder Under

    Glad Rags, Wonder Under

    Teddy Gordon (Eastwood Guitars Chicago, Warehouse Manager)

    Favourite Guitar of the Year: Classic 6 TA PH

    Classic 6 TA PH

    "My favorite guitar of 2020 is the Classic 6 TA/PH. It’s light and lively acoustically and sounds great plugged in. Excellent quality construction and nice looking. It’s a winner for me!" 

    Favourite Album of the Year: n/a

    "I don’t have a favorite album this year. It’s been quiet for me in terms of music. Too many legends lost! But I miss EVH the most."

    Noah Fleming (Business Development Consultant)

    Favourite Guitar of the Year: Black Widow Bass

    Black Widow Bass

    "I've never owned a bass, always wanted a bass. This one hit the mark."

    Favourite Album of the Year: Tool, 'Fear Inoculum'

    Tool's Fear Inoculum

    "Being a diehard Tool fan and waiting 13 years (yes, 13 years!) for this album's release in late 2019 guaranteed it would find itself in severe rotation throughout most of 2020. With a global pandemic and turning 40 in 2020, the lyrics in Fear Inoculum struck a somewhat prophetic chord with me - "Inoculated. Bless this Immunity."

    Wes Steed (Business Development Manager, Rivolta Guitars)

    Favourite Guitar of the Year: Rivolta Mondata Baritone VII

    Mondata Baritone VII

    "Perfect studio instrument and a joy to play."

    Favourite Album of the Year: India Ramey, 'Shallow Graves'

    India Ramey, 'Shallow Graves'

    "Incredible 'Gothic Americana' album up from local Nashville artist, India Ramey. Amazing lyrics and awesome baritone guitar!" 

    RJ Ronquillo (Eastwood's Guitar Hero)

    Favourite Guitar of the Year: Classic 6 TA PH

    Classic 6 TA PH

    "While I'm a fan of Trey Anastasio, and I was a Phish head in high school, the guitar itself has an abundance of tones and is a pleasure to play." 

    Favourite Album of the Year: Palace, 'Rock And Roll Radio'

    "...unapologetic 80's style AOR straight outta Sweden."


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