Top 10 Eastwood Guitars Inspired By Famous Artists

    We all feel inspired by famous musicians, right? So check our Top 10 Eastwood guitars which will remind you of some famous guitarists...

    Kurt Cobain live

    Whether you're buying a new guitar for yourself or someone else for Christmas, a birthday or just as a very cool treat, choosing an instrument that's similar to one played by your hero can always be inspiring. It has always happened, from Clapton buying a Les Paul because he was a fan of Freddie King, to Johnny Marr choosing a guitar that reminded him of The Beatles.

    This is a sure way to choose a guitar that's perfect for you, and we're pleased to say several of our guitars will remind music fans of some truly iconic players, too.

    Here's our top picks:

    1) Univox Hi-Fler (Kurt Cobain)

    Eastwood Phase 4


    During the early, Bleach-era Nirvana, Kurt's favorite guitar was an Univox Phase 4. Our Eastwood Hi-Flier is a fantastic re-creation of that rockin' instrument, and comes equipped with a pair of open humbuckers plus the same neck profile of the original, which also appears on the iconic video for 'Heart-Shaped Box'. VIEW MORE

    2) Mach Two (Johnny Ramone)

    Johnny Ramone

    Johnny Ramone was the ultimate punk guitarist - he played it simple, fast, and loud. Our now-discontinued Eastwood Mach Two is a replica of the Mosrite Mark II used by Johnny, and the perfect rock'n'roll axe for those who love the Ramones and punk rock in general!

    3) Black Widow (Jimi Hendrix)

    Jimi Hendrix and the Black Widow

    The Eastwood Black Widow is possibly one of the coolest "one off" models we ever did. Why? Because this is the re-creation of the most mysterious guitar ever owned by Jimi Hendrix! The original Artist Black Widow is said to have been Jimi's favorite axe at the time of his death.

    This guitar was already rare and little-known back when Hendrix was alive, and who knows what it could have meant for him? Would Jimi ditch Strats and develop a new sound? Whatever - the Black Widow was a truly unique gem, which also seems to have inspired PRS. VIEW MORE

    4) RD Artist (Dave Grohl, Jimmy Page, Lee Ranaldo)

    RD Artist

    Now, here's a truly cool guitar that managed to seduce players who're mostly associated with different instruments. The now-discontinued Eastwood RD Artist is perfect for those players who want to RAWK! Dave Grohl said his original Gibson was "awesome. It's like holding a kitchen table over your chest and having it scream like a jet airplane. I like that they're really heavy and can sound fat or bright. They're kind of nasty guitars - played through a Boogie Rectifier, they sound completely insane."

    Dave Grohl and his original Gibson RD Artist

    Jimmy Page could be seen playing one during Misty Mountain Hop, when Led Zeppelin played at Knebworth in 1979, and Sonic Youth's Lee Ranaldo used one between 1993-1999. Our take on the RD Artist is much more affordable, super-cool and includes our exclusive Transwarp Drive treble booster switch!

    5) S-200 (Dan Auerbach)

    Dan Auerback and the S200

    The original Guild Thunderbird (as used by The Black Key's Dan Auerbach in El Camino) is one of the most underrated offset models, ever! It was pretty damn cool. However, we really believe our version, the Eastwood S-200,  even better! If you're looking for a cool guitar for some dirty garage-blues rock, this babe will rock your world!

    6) Devo 'Whip It' (guess who...)

    Devo Whip It guitar

    The custom-made (now-discontinued) Eastwood Devo 'Whip It' guitar is a replica of the guitar which appears on, you guessed it, Devo's 'Whip It' video.

    This is the ultimate memorabilia for the true Devo fans (other than an Energy Dome...) but it's also, above all, a really good guitar! We've got other DEVO signature guitars, but the 'Whip It' is perhaps the stand out here - beautiful finish, great sound and great feel.

    7) Custom Kraft DLX (Dan Auerbach)

    Custom Kraft DLX

    Another guitar inspired by a model played by Dan Auerbach! This time, the now-discontinued Custom Kraft DLX, one of the most striking semi-acoustic guitars you'll find today.

    The inspiration is the vintage Custom Kraft used for Black Keys songs such as 'Bullet In The Brain':

    Check out Eastwood's current semi-acoustic lineup here.

    8) EEB-1 & EUB-1 (Rick Danko)

    Rick Danko

    2016 marked the 40th anniversary of The Band's legendary final concert, which was turned into Martin Scorcese's iconic The Last Waltz film. One of the bass guitars used by Rick Danko at that gig includes a rare Ampeg AEB-1 bass, which we resurrected in the form of our own Eastwood EEB-1 bass, a truly beautiful instrument:

    EEB-1 bass

    it's also available as the EUB-1 fretless bass. VIEW MORE

    9) EEG-1 (Deerhoof)

    Deerhoof EEG-1

    The discontinued Eastwood EEG-1 is a Deerhoof signature model, used by the band's guitarist Ed Rodriguez. Inspired by the Ampeg AEB bass, this is an offset guitar unlike any other.

    And hey - it it's good enough for the acclaimed alternative-rock experimentalists, it might be good enough for you, too... agreed? Check out more P-90 equipped guitars here.

    10) Classic 6 (Richard Lloyd)

    Richard Lloyd is better known for his stellar work on Television's classic debut, 'Marquee Moon'. But even though he's mostly used Strats and Teles in the past, he simply fell in love with the tone & feel of our Classic 6 model, and asked for his own custom model.

    We released this stunning custom finish for a limited time: a beautiful blueburst. The Classic 6 is a versatile guitar whether you play punk, blues, indie or jazz! VIEW MORE