SXSW 2017 Countdown: The Lighthouse and the Whaler

    The Lighthouse and the Whaler are a band from Cleveland, Ohio, who've been using an Eastwood Mandocaster as part of their sound for many years now - and 2017 marks the band's fifth South By Southwest appearance! Time to learn a bit more about them, then...

    It's always great to see the wide breadth of different artists who use our gear. The Lighthouse and the Whaler started life in 2009 as a folk trio, but have now expanded their sound and line-up into a more indie-rock format. 

    But true to their roots, folk instruments remain an important part of their sound, so we had a little talk with Mark Porostosky, who's been championing our Eastwood Mandocaster for the last few years!

    The Lighthouse and the Whaler playing Eastwood Mandocaster

    The band consists of Michael LoPresti (lead vocalist, guitar), Mark Porostosky (Harmonies, backing vocals, Mandolin, Guitar, Keys), Matthew LoPresti (Drums) and Ryan Walker (Bass and Keys, backing vocals) and we're sure they'll be a fantastic band to catch up at SXSW this year, so let's hear from Mark:

    What are your main musical influences / inspirations

    We all have a drive and strong desire to play and create music. It's been a struggle for 7 years to keep touring and making it happen, but we have grown through it. Like any band we are products of what we know and experience. On a musical front our band is influenced by the likes of Phoenix, M83, Sufjan Stevens, Local Natives, and probably a million other bands... 

    What Eastwood gear to you play?

    I personally have been playing the Mandocaster for several years. I used it on our Mont Royal record quite a bit (released through Roll Call Records.) I get a lot of cool sounds out of it... I just recently bought the airline bighorn and will probably be using both at SXSW as well as in my other band.

    What can the crowd expect from your gigs? Why should people come and see you guys?

    The crowd can expect dancing, smooth melodies, crazy Mandocaster sounds, and 4 guys having a really good time!

    What are your plans for the year ahead?

    We hope to release a record that we just recorded and do a tour around it. The mixing is currently happening as I write this, so plans for releasing it haven't been fully developed yet. We will be playing several of the new songs at SXSW!

    The Lighthouse and the Whaler SXSW 2017 gigs:

    Show 1

    • Venue: St. Davids Bethel Hall
    • Time: 1-1:40am
    • Date: March 18th

    Show 2:

    • Date:3/17 & 3/18, 1-7pm
    • Venue: Little Woodrows (400 capacity, indoor/outdoor with covered stage)
    • Info: 21+, free & open to the public with RSVP.

    - by Ivan S.

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