Left Hand Vintage Guitars From Eastwood Guitars

    Eastwood Guitars has been proudly making guitars since 2001. We're really excited about the guitars we're making right now and even more excited about our left hand guitars! Our series of vintage models are absolutely the best vintage remakes of popular designs from the 60's and 70's, capturing the excitement, style, and tone of the originals without the expensive price tag. From our classic Mosrite-inspired Sidejack series to the best-selling Airline instruments, you're sure to find a style and model that you fall in love with.

    As we're sure you know because you're on our site, the prices of these original models increase on a yearly basis. These skyrocketing prices are good for the sellers, but not for people like you who want to play one of the originals. Here at Eastwood, we have another option for you: remarkable, high quality vintage remakes of the originals without the high price! We even have left hand guitars for those of you who are Jimi Hendrix fans.

    All of our Eastwood Guitars are fitted with only the highest quality modern components. These modern components offer exceptional playing quality that far exceeds the playing components of the originals. Besides, it's hard to find a guitar that oozes as much vintage style and tone as an Eastwood Guitar for the price we're offering!

    Browse around our site and check out our collections! We offer extremely fast shipping - all guitars ship within 2-5 days! Plus, we offer a no-questions-asked return policy for guitars that are purchased directly from us.