Better Than the Originals? The Best of Vintage Guitars

    The originals are the classics. The sleek styles, unique shapes, and flashy colors of the 50s and 60s are hard to forget and nothing can replace the smooth sounds of hand-made vintage guitars. Designed to be a piece of art all their own, all guitarists have a profound respect for the classic form.

    However, there is always room for improvement, and that is why manufacturers moved on and created louder, cleaner tones with simpler designs and a more efficient fabrication process. However, at Eastwood Guitars, although we love modern sounds and styles, nothing can replace those vintage guitars. 

    That is why we have worked hard to design and make vintage guitars which combine the best styles with the ease of playing in modern versions.

    Check out our limited edition Airline H44 DLX, which combines all the elements of the classic form, including the short body and the fat neck, while improving pickups and stability so you can have the feel of the real thing without the expense of buying an original.

    At Eastwood Guitars, we make every effort to combine the vintage essence with a high-quality playing experience, because no guitar deserves to be only a decoration.

    Get out there and play!

    Contact us with any questions or suggestions for new vintage guitars, and browse through our selection today!