Will Sergeant

    Will Sergeant is the guitarist in Liverpool's greatest band, some would say - no, not the Beatles, but the legendary Echo & The Bunnymen. He often plays Eastwood guitars, too.


    Apart from the Beatles, no other band in Liverpool has achieved as much acclaim as Echo & the Bunnymen. In fact, for most of those who grew up in the post-punk Eighties, perhaps the Bunnymen were the most important band out of the two. And many today would still think the same.

    As one of the most accomplished guitarists of his generation, Will Sergeant created unforgettable riffs, usually with his Telecaster or Jaguar. Today, however, Sergeant often chooses to play an Eastwood Saturn 63 - a now discontinued model.

    Instruments Played:

    Eastwood Saturn 63 discontinued

    Saturn 63

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