Rob Graham

    Rob Graham is the lead guitarist in Bristish band Drenge, and swears by Eastwood guitars, now using a Rivolta Mondata XVIII as his main axe.


    Rob Graham has had an interesting path in Drenge, a popular British rock band: he joined the guitar & drums duo after their second album in 2015 - as a bassist. And now, as the band returns to the stages and prepares the release of their new album, Graham has moved to lead guitar duties.

    In both roles, Rob has chosen Eastwood: first, playing our Sidejack Bass 32, and now the Rivolta Mondata XVIII which fits perfectly with the sound of his noisy rock band. 

    Instruments Played:

    Eastwood Sidejack Bass 32 view more

    Sidejack Bass 32

    Rivolta Mondata XVIII view more

    Rivolta Mondata XVIII 

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