Graham Lewis (Wire)

    Graham Lewis is the bassist with legendary punk/post-punk rock band Wire, and has more recently started to play the Eastwood EEB-1 bass.


    Graham is one of the founding members of Wire, one of the most legendary and forward-thinking British bands that emerged in the wake of the Sex Pistols in the Seventies.

    Unlike the majority of their peers, Wire never considered themselves "punk rock" and, indeed, they influenced bands as diverse as My Bloody Valentine, Ladytron, Elastica, Guided by Voices and R.E.M.

    Lewis' groovy, often hypnotic bass lines are a fundamental part of Wire's sound to this day - and he more recently has joined his bandmate Colin Newman in using Eastwood instruments too, choosing to play our MRG-Series EEB-1 Bass.

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    EEB-1 bass

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