Drunk Mums

    Now that's our kind of band - all guitarists play an Eastwood! Drunk Mums is an Australian band whose both guitarists and also the bassist play our instruments.

    We tend to list artists individually on our artists profiles - but this time, we really needed to... after all, Melbourne rock band Drunk Mums has a trio of Eastwood players!

    The Australian rockers know how to make a good racket, and they trust Eastwood to help them to do that, having toured America, Europe and of course Australia with our guitars. 

    As you can see by the list of instruments they've used, Jake, Dean and Adam (the guitarists and bassist, respectively) have some good experience when it comes to Eastwood guitars... rock on!

    Instruments Played:

    Airline 2P view current model

    Airline 59 2p

    Airline 3P DLX view current model

    Airline 59 3P DLX

    Airline Bighorn view more

    Airline Bighorn

    Eastwood Univox Hi-Flier view more

    Univox Hi-Flier

    Eastwood Flying BV Bass (discontinued)

    Eastwood Flying BV Bass

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