Corey Taylor

    Corey Taylor - the singer in Slipknot and Stone Sour - is considered one of the greatest frontmen in Heavy Metal. But he's also an accomplished guitarist, and is now using a Rivolta Mondata on tour.


    Corey Taylor first taste of fame happened with Slipknot, whose 1999 debut album reached the top of the charts and is still considered one of the landmark metal albums of the past 20 years.

    Of course, as you probably know, Taylor only the frontman in Slipknot. But in Stone Sour (a band he actually formed before he joined Slipknot) Corey Taylor also plays a few different guitars - including our Rivolta Mondata VIII.

    With Stone Sour growing in popularity with each new tour, there's no doubt Taylor will increasingly be recognised not just as a great metal frontman, but also as a well-established guitar player, too.

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    Rivolta Mondata VIII

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