Alex Henry Foster (Your Favorite Enemies)

    Alex Henry Foster is the frontman of Your Favorite Enemies and has now also a successful solo project - and is never too far from an Eastwood Warren Ellis model.


    Canadian alt-rock heroes Your Favourite Enemies formed in 2006 and have been gathering fans all over the world since 2007 when they released their debut EP, And If I Was to Die in the Morning... Would I Still Be Sleeping with You.

    With a fiercely independent attitude and D.I.Y. ethics, the band remain an important figure in the alternative music scene in Canada, and popular cult-heroes making an original mix of shoegaze and post-punk.

    With the band currently on a hiatus, Alex Henry Foster has been concentrating on his solo career - but alongside his YFE bandmates Jeff Beaulieu and Sef - and, as ever, not far from a Warren Ellis Tenor or Warren Ellis Mandostang.

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