How To Sound Like... Jack White

    A new video from shows you how to nail Jack White's guitar tone. Plus - check the Jack White-inspired guitars you need to own!

    Jack White is one of the most famous and influential guitarists in the world, so the latest addition to their Potent Pairings series was a very welcome video: showing how you can nail Jack White's tone using not just some of the same FX pedals as he did, but also a few different others.

    They also chose to use different guitars than the ones White used, but with a similar vibe - such as our Airline MAP DLX. You'll have to agree - did a pretty good job!

    Watch: How To Sound Like Jack White

    Make sure to check the original post for all fx pedal settings, too.

    The Jack White-Inspired Guitars You Need To Know:

    It's true, as showed, that you don't need the same guitars as Jack White to get his tone - and, likewise, you can be a fan of White's work and not be interested in nailing his sound, but still love the looks of his guitars.

    So here's a list of our "Jack White inspired" guitars - perfect for Jack White fans either if they want to nail his tone, or to forge their own!

    1) Airline 59 2P

    Airline 59 2P

    No guitar screams "Jack White" as much as the Airline 59 2P. White's original model in The White Stripes was a vintage "JB Hutto" model, made of Res-O-Glass - and according to Jack White himself, not a very good or playable one at that... but that's why he chose it!

    Our version is more upmarket, made with the modern player in mind, with a comfortable and very playable neck and mahogany body - tone chambered, so it still has the warm resonance of the original. The result? The perfect "White Stripes" vibes you want - but on a better instrument than Jack White's own!

    2) Airline Jetsons Jr.

    Airline Jetsons Jr.

    Guitarists on a tighter budget will be more than satisfied with the Airline Jetsons Jr, which also captures that same iconic look of Jack White's Airline. Though  superficially it looks pretty close to the Airline 1P, this model has different specs - but still delivers that same White Stripes vibe you're looking for!

    3) Airline Town & Country DLX

    Airline 59 Town & Country

    Moving away from The White Stripes, this Airline 59 Town & Country DLX is another model which Jack White helped to bring back to attention - thanks to the video of The Raconteurs' debut single, 'Steady As She Goes':

    4) Crestwood Astral II

    Crestwood Astral II

    Before Airline, there was... the Crestwood! Our new Custom Shop Crestwood Astral II is a tribute to the little-known semi-acoustic which Jack White used to play in the early days of The White Stripes.

    Besides being a very interesting model featuring two single-coil pickups (not common in semi-acoustic guitars) the Crestwood Astral II was used in some of The White Stripes finest performances, making this model a "must-have" for Jack White fans.

    Which pedals did Jack White use in The White Stripes?

    If you really want to go full-on Jack White, then make sure to grab some  of these pedals:

    Jack White pedals in The White Stripes

    The Electro-Harmonix Big Muff, Digitech Whammy and Electro-Harmonix POG have been at the core of his White Stripes sound. Though he's added other effects to his setup over the years, post-White Stripes, these pedals are the ones everyone will always associate Jack White's sound with.