GHS Strings - 6 String Boomers GBL
    GHS Strings - 6 String Boomers GBXL
    GHS Strings - 6 String Boomers GBTM

    GHS Strings - 6 String Boomers

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    These are quality, GHS-brand strings packaged in the gauges you need for your Eastwood guitar. They are made with GHS Dynamite Alloy (DY), a highly magnetic nickel-plated steel which delivers more volume than pure nickel strings.

    GBXL Boomers Gauges: 9, 11, 16, DY24, DY32, DY42
    GBL Boomers Gauges:  10, 13, 17, DY26, DY36, DY46 
    GBTM Boomers Gauges: 11, 15, 18, DY26, DY36, DY50


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