Introducing... the new Sidejack Pro DLX!

Fifteen years after we introduced the Eastwood Sidejack guitar, we're proud to announce the pinnacle of our Mosrite-inspired models: the new Sidejack Pro DLX!

Sidejack Pro DLX in Sunburst

We introduced the first Sidejack way back in 2002, so it has always been an important and integral part of the history of Eastwood.

Eastwood CEO Mike Robinson is a longtime fan and renowned collector of Mosrites, having written extensively about them on the My Rare Guitars blog.

First Eastwood Sidejack, circa 2002.

Eastwood Sidejack MkI, circa 2002. Note the different headstock and Burns tremolo unit.


How to keep true to the vibe of the original, vintage Mosrites, but also remain modern and playable, up to today's standards?


Inspired by Mosrite. But offering something new...

It was precisely our passion for the old Mosrite guitars that led us to develop and improve the Sidejack models over the years, trying to strike a delicate balance that no other guitar manufacturer has achieved so far: how to keep true to the vibe of the original Mosrites, but make them modern and playable, up to today's standards?

The Ventures and their Mosrites

The Ventures and their Mosrites. Pre Fender days...

It may sound like heresy to some, but we know Mosrites weren't perfect. In fact, even the band who helped to spread the name of Mosrite more than most - The Ventures - reportedly preferred to use Fender guitars in the studio!

The Sidejack was our chance to address issues that have troubled many Mosrite players who loved their look but not their playability. Which leads us to the new Sidejack Pro model.

Better than ever. More Mosrite than ever... but also NEW!

The new Sidejack Pro DLX  (available in Sunburst, Vintage White and Vintage White Left-handed - with more color options due in 2018) captures the true essence and look of a Mosrite where it really matters. 

We've re-created the hi-output pickups, roller bridge, "peanut"-shaped neck plate, 'Top Hat' control knobs, and redesigned the headstock. The new Sidejack Pro truly looks the part.

Sidejack Pro DLX bean-shaped neck plate

However, we were not afraid to modernise, and hence the Sidejack Pro DLX also features our EoC (Eastwood of Canada) Custom JM Tremolo, a 25 1/2" scale, a mid-D shape neck profile with a 10" compound radius which feels much more comfortable and familiar to players used to guitars such as Strats, Teles, Jazzmasters, etc.

Watch: The Evolution of the Sidejack Pro

What are the differences between the Sidejack DLX and Sidejack Pro DLX?

At first sight the Sidejack DLX looks pretty similar to the new Sidejack Pro DLX. But they are very different beasts:

Sidejack DLX vs. Sidejack Pro DLX


Sidejack DLX vs. Sidejack Pro DLX key differences:

  • Sidejack Pro body is more offset, true to original Mosrites, and has the greatest German carve ever. Fact. 
  • Sidejack Pro DLX body is Alder, Sidejack DLX is Basswood.
  • The Sidejack Pro's has Top Hat knobs, positioned similarly to the early 60s Mosrite 'Sidejack' model.
  • Sidejack Pro scale is 25.5", Sidejack is 24.75".
  • Sidejack Pro has a bolt-on neck with the EoC 'Peanut' neck plate. Regular Sidejack has a set neck.
  • The Sidejack Pro has upgraded, EoC branded M-90 pickups, the most accurate reproduction of the high-output vintage Mosrite pickups we've done yet.
  • The Sidejack Pro has 2-3-1 dot inlays and chunkier, medium jumbo frets.

Sidejack Comparison:

Sidejack Pro DLX vs. Sidejack DLX

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  • Blackie James

    Eastwood makes excellent guitars and I am looking forward to purchasing the Sidejack Pro in a few months. I have played many vintage Mosrite models and it looks like the Eastwood Sidejack Pro has addressed all of the negative issues associated with the old Mosrites. I like the sunburst but would like to see other color options before making my purchase. Happy New Year to everyone at Eastwood !

  • William Gray

    More colors in 2018 ?! Can’t wait to see what they are….Cherry red? Blonde? Natural? Some metal flakes maybe? I’ll be waiting patiently….

  • Dave M

    I’ve been looking for a replacement for my Venture’s model Mosrite and this Pro Dlx looks like just what I need. The demo video sounds great, too. I was hoping your musician would use the vibrato bar a bit but that’s okay. I’m ready to buy!

  • Curt

    Looks great! I’ll keep my eyes on these. When do you release for sale?

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