Re: gear for overdriven, distorted, and/or fuzz tones on Rivolta Combinata 12 -- any 12 string-specific concerns?

  • When it finally arrives, this model will be my first 12 string solid body electric guitar. The stereotypical tone discussion for 12 strings usually centers around clean tones, by way of mentioning chorus/jangly/shimmer. In terms of gear, while I still want a 12 string solid body, a very clean tone is not what I want. I have plenty of that already with acoustic 12 strings.

    Instead for this incoming guitar, I want a set up based around dirtier tones, distortion, and effects. Will the gear concerns for a 12 string solid body be the same as they would for a 6 string solid body? Or are there any technical parameters that would specific to the 12 string?

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