Airline map tenor

  • I've had mine for about a month, and with some diligent setup work it is surprisingly good. Honestly, it has been a long time since an instrument keeps haunting me, calling me back to play more. This one is still doing that to me, I can start playing and lose an hour or two.. then come back for more, later. 

    Once you get your mind and hands around the 5ths tuning, try changing it to GDGD- if you are a standard guitar player, you will notice the relationships are familiar, but different.. seems to open up lots of new ideas, and the overall approach is similar- but different enough to pique your curiosity, and push into new patterns, voicings that feel fresh and exciting. So much so that I've just ordered a MRG tenor, which will be strung in the higher tuning (CGDA). That one may morph into the CGCG configuration, or stay in 5ths.. I don't know yet. 

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