order problem - missing straps - how to fix it?

  • I made an order of 2 instruments and 2 straps, and I didn't receive the straps?  How can I get you to send me the items, as you have no way of contacting you anywhere on the site except email, which I unfortunately do not have?

  • @Christian Decker hey Christian, sorry for the difficulties reaching out! I do see an e-mail address attached to the order here, but if that one's no longer in use then I'm glad you've posted here!

    Often times the straps get tucked away inside a gig bag pocket, or taped to the underside of the box to keep them from moving around during shipping. If they're definitely nowhere to be found in there, then of course we'll make sure to have a couple sent on their way over.

  • I eventually found a connection to Make'n Music and found a phone number to get it corrected.  So, I received the straps today, and all is good!  [But, finding that info wasn't easy.]

    I do want to confirm that the instruments I got in this order were the new Mandola S mini-strat model electric and the MRG walnut mandolin, and they are both exceptional in quality and sound.  That mini-Strat mandola is such a blast to play!  It really is inspiring!  And the MRG mando is really high quality!  Sounds exceptional, and looks beautiful!  Very impressed again at the value in your instruments on top of the care to produce new varieties in the mandolin family.  I also have an MRG octave mandolin, and Airline Mandola.  Great stuff, guys!  Love it!  Thanks!

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