Eastwood Electric Mandolin set up

  • I had my new Eastwood Electric Mandolin set up with new Ernie Ball strings .009 and the intonation ajustment. The Mandolin's G string can only be tuned flat to match the other strings. The D, A, and E strings tune to perfect pitch. Is there something wrong with the mandolin? Also I want to buy another Eastwood Mandolin of the same style for back up, but don't know if I will have the same problems.

    Will Eastwood allow me to ship the Eastwood Electric Mandonlin back to have it ajusted?

  • I to just received my electric mandolin today. Of all the buget china instruments this has the worst setup I have ever seen. I should not have to restring to split the strings to either side of the saddle spring. It sounds like a sitar. Eastwood should be ashamed to carry this line.  Quality control can make or break a company. I've gotten a lot more for less. I expect  resistance if I try to return as their policy is tightly written. Buyer beware. Back to Sweetwater, USA

  • @Michael Hartridge  take it to a local luthier. they might cost a little more but that's a tuff way to make a living if your honest.

  • Hey guys, sorry to hear that the set-up on your recently acquired Mandos has been less than desirable. We include full set-ups and inspections prior to shipping, so it's always disappointing to hear about issues like these on arrival. It will be brought up with the QC team.

    Please feel free to reach out to info@eastwoodguitars.com with any concerns. Someone will be happy to come to a solution with you.

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