What material is used for the nut?

  • I wish the guitar specs on the website would list the material used for the nut.  I have an Airline '59 3P DLX. Love it.  Play it daily.  So much so it's time to get a tune up.  Just wondering what material is used for the nut on this model.  Is it a type of plastic or bone?  I can't tell for sure.

  • if they dont say bone or graphite, then everything else is a form of composite plastic no matter what the trade name, except of course if the nut is made from something obvious like metal ( e.g. Danelectro) or wood (ebony on some mandolins) and some boutique luthiers have used ceramic. How they ever make the slots is beyond me.. maybe a diamond dust file.

  • It's hard to tell. Perhaps composite plastic

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