Airline 59 3P DLX pickup question

  • I bought this guitar (serial No. 1101728) from a friend and I love the sound. One thing I don't like though is that when switching between the three Pu's there is a significant difference in volume and tone. The bridge PU is a lot thinner and lower in output.

    Neck and bridge pickup have some kind of wax dressing underneath. The middle pickup has none.

    I have adjusted the bridge pu closer to the strings, and the two other away from the strings but it would not solve the problem. The best way to balance the sound was to turn down the volume on middle and neck pickup.


    I am not sure if the Pickups are original and whether they are humbucker or single coil.

    Can you tell from the attached pics?

    Bridge Pickup

     Bridge PU

    Middle and Neck PU's

    Cavity underneath the bridge PU. Does this look original?

    I look forward to hear you conclusion.


    Kind regards,




  • Why is it tape?

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