Want to meet the youngest Eastwood fan playing French styled surf rock here?

  • Young guitarist Mina Pang (11) #minapang asks her dad what Ginchy means. The Internet says it is a place in France. Could this be a French styled surf song then? Later on she told me it was written by an Englishman. Oh brother, I am confused....hahaha!

    Anyways, all I know is, we like this song very much, especially using the Eastwood Sidejack DLX to play it. It sounded great without using any overdrive for the lead guitar, and Mina thinks using a Twin Reverb does the job instead of my choice of using a vox amp. Besides, the pronunciation of the word "Ginchy" sounds like a COVID-19 fighting word often used here in this part of the world in Cantonese, meaning "to insist" and "not to give up". So, fill in the blank:

    "In order to fight against COVID 19, it is important to ___ on wearing a face mask and keeping a social distance". I hope this is an easy way to remember your first Cantonese term.


  • "Ginchy" is a USA slang term dating from the 1950s. It means "hip," groovy," or "with it."

    You can hear it in the 1959 song "Kookie, Kookie, Lend me Your Comb" by Edd Kookie Byrnes and Connie Stevens. Kookie Kookson was a character from the TV show "77 Siunset Strip." Kookie was "the ginchiest!"

    Great video , too!

  • @Dave Tartaglia Thank you! Good information. Not easy for us non native speakers to understand american slangs and idioms, especially ones from some decades ago, so we used a bit of our imagination. We are glad you like the video prepared by one of the youngest Eastwood forum members and fans!!!! ;-)

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