• About 5 years ago Mike thought this guitar was great but there were too many real ones out there still cheap.

    Well there are not any now.

    The Vanguard in it's day was literally the cheapest entry level guitar in America and in numbers the biggest seller in the world. My point is it is not an out there on the fringe guitar that will not have lots of buyers.

    Secondly the Eastwood line has gone more and more upmarket every year. Yes the guitars are still good value for money but the poor ol' Airline budget models have not been seriously added to in all that time.

    The Vanguard is cool but simple with a bolt on neck and a simple paint job. It could be done pretty much with off the self hardware. In short it could maybe even be the cheapest guitar in the Airline choices.

    So lets do it!!! 

    Last but not least. the coolest looking one had a nice bright simple plain red paint job. So skip the faux sunburst one. It is not as cool and it is cheaper to just paint a single plain color. Finally the second generation model was not a 3 a side headstock but 6 inline with a very cool oversize headstock. Dead cool and unique.

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