Eastwood and Rivolta

  • What exactly is the relationship between Eastwood and Rivolta?

    Beautiful guitars, for sure!

  • Hey Dave! In a nutshell, Rivolta is the Korean import line of guitars under the NOVO brand. Dennis Fano of NOVO designs and specs out all of the Rivolta guitars, and they are all set-up and shipped from the NOVO/Eastwood warehouse in Nashville. 

    Eastwood oversees the manufacturing of the guitars through our pre-existing relationship with MIRR in Korea. We also handle all of the marketing and sales.

    Here's a link to a section of an interview where Mike describes it best. Check out that whole interview if you have the time though... definitely worth a watch!

  • @Dave Tartaglia I will chime in ... I bought a rivolta mondata xviii, and absolutely fell in love.
    I do own a few guitars, all of them are just sitting there gathering dust.
    So impressed with it.


  • @weldon poapst That's the one I like, too.

  • Hi Dave my next bass is going to be a Rivolta Combinata I'm hoping. Wish there was more chat about the bass, I own a Surfcaster Bass from Eastwood, it's quite amazing, great feel love the tone, it sure sounds good through my Mesa Gear.

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