unfunded projects that need to make a come back!

    • Love the custom projects, that being said- there's been a few that for whatever reason/timing didn't make the cut on crowd funding. RECENT EXAMPLE.                              -I feel like the EM-18 is going to soon be one of those killer projects that got away...it's a perfectly obscure and pretty guitar, and the Eastwood version would have been an excellent update of a relatively rare axe...Then that damn Carlos Alomar guitar came along and stole the thunder. 😂 🤔 🧐                                                                                                                                              What are some previous project guitars that YOU want to see come back or deserve a second look?

  • @Dogboner69 I wish the "Airline '59 Jazzbox" would have made the cut! Here's an article about it: https://eastwoodguitars.com/blogs/news/new-airline-61-jazzbox-res-o-glass-guitar-announced

  • Kay K-136I know you guys copied the Harmony H44 guitar model, and yeah, they look cool (I have a 2-pickup model that I modded the headstock).

    However, I’m really hoping you guys could consider making a homage to the mid-50’s Kay K-136, 2-tone paint finish, single pickup guitar (using the Kay zippo/pancake pickup), possibly WITH Kay’s often used 25.75” scale length and through-neck design, wooden bridge and short tailpiece.

    i don’t actually have one but still looking.

    i do have the Silvertone 1361 version (also Kay built, with same pickup, mounted directly on a different shaped black scratchplate on a cream painted body), same 25.75” scale length and through-neck design.

    Kay & Silvertone also made 2pickup versions.

    Here are some pictures :


  • Here are the Kay and Silvertone guitars next to a Harmony H44 :


  • And my own guitars :

    Kay K-142, Ailrline H44 (with my own black pearloid headstock veneer), and a Silvertone 1361


  • @Richard O’Donnell MAN. I LOVE those Kay 2-tone finishes. That would be awesome for that to make a comeback

  • The Silvertone is extra cool with the smaller upper & lower bouts and narrower waist

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