2011 Folkstar- Custom guitar?

  • I bought this guitar privately around 2014 (maybe) and I can't find anything similar. The serial number indicates a 2011 build but it has a black headstock (opposed to all other models having a white one). It also has very decorative pearloid capped knobs. I'd like to get it serviced since the tone knob (electronics) has connectivity issues but not sure how to approach getting into the guts of the body.

    anyone want to help a fella out?   

  • Hey Pete,

    Sounds like a fancy Folkstar! Got a photo to share, by chance? 

    To access the electronics, you'd want to loosen off the strings (or remove them entirely), then unscrew and remove the coverplate. From there, you should be able to see the wiring for the pots, and have ample room to take the pots out for further inspection if need be. Chances are it might just need a quick spray with some contact cleaner though!

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